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To Provide Professional Tattoos and Body Piercings to our clients in Indiana.


Years of experience: 2+ years
Position: Tattoo Artist

Looking for someone very versatile in all styles of tattooing, but have a specialty that will have a lot of promotional and convention potential! 2+ Experience is preferred, but work speaks for itself and there are a lot of youngsters doing some incredible work lately and would love to see more! 


Luke Stock

Years of experience: 6
Position: Tattoo Artist

Luke is the original tattoo artist at Ikonic Ink Indiana and has produced some of the most amazing tattoos within the past year! Luke loves creating his own designs and being challenged. Test him out and see what he comes up with!

“We provide the best tattoos and piercings in the area, hands down, come see for yourself!”

David Faussette


Meet our


maddie williams

Years of experience: 1
Position: Professional Piercer

Maddie is still a little new to the industry, but she has been trained by some of the best piercers around and will be happy to prove it to you with her knowledge and professional demeanor! She loves the simple things in life and wants to make you shiny! 

Matt Wright

Years of experience: 1.5 
Position: Tattoo Artist

Here is a young artist, that has so much character and talent, you want to get a piece by this guy! He is a straight up American Traditional artist that is rocking the traditional world. With his custom designs and creative mind, you just have to push him a thought and let him go from there!